The Willisby Orphans

The Willisby Orphans

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The Willisby Orphans weaves a grain of truth into a rip-roaring tale of twists and turns in the very real and present danger of spiritual warfare. Over two thousand miles from home in a small town in Tennessee, Katlyn and Kramer Willisby are suddenly orphaned, scared, and alone. Their future is uncertain. The holy Forces of Light warriors wage war with Satana€™s Unholy Evil Legion for the Willisbysa€™ souls. Flaming battles and clashing swords swirl around the unsuspecting fifteen-year-old Katlyn and eight-year-old Kramer. Everything goes wrong, and the watchful eye of the State and daily survival is a constant fear. They don't know what to do without an adult in charge. Margaret Willisby is born from accidental necessity with a wig, fake glasses and big, ugly shoes. Their only surviving relative is a stranger. Aunt Grace is a forgetful, eighty-eight-year old who never realizes the orphans are orphans nor does she know they live in her upstairs rooms, and Aunt Grace doesn't know that Margaret Willisby isn't real. Danger lurks at every turn, compliments of Satana€™s UEL fiends, but Goda€™s Forces of Light warriors fight the UEL, despite Divine Intervention Restrictions, trying to protect the Willisby orphans in an explosion of mystical, spiritual truths. Does a spiritual world lurk within the seconds of time? Are spirits hidden within layers of chance, invisible and eternal, in a war that has always been? Is there a mission of good versus evil? Do angels and demons exist? Watch the Willisby orphans unknowingly caught in a war that has waged since time began as Katlyn and Kramer question their strange and ill-fated future.a€œI need a Wii. Ia#39;d just got mine last Christmas and dad promised me a new game.a€ a€œWell, that was then and this is now.a€ Katlyn cana#39;t believe ... Katlyn looks for an orphana#39;s Survival Manual where step one, plus step two, equals competent help!

Title:The Willisby Orphans
Author:G. Wil Hembree
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2011-09-28


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