The Way of All Fish

The Way of All Fish

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An a€œabsurdly amusinga€ (The New York Times Book Review) sequel to Martha Grimesa€™s bestselling novel, Foul Matter, this wicked satire of the publishing industry is a€œcomic, caustic, and relentlessly readablea€ (Booklist). Writer Cindy Sella is having trouble with her new novel. Aside from her paralyzing writera€™s block, shea€™s faced with a lawsuit from her ex-agent, L. Bass Hess. Hess will stop at nothing to collect a commission from Cindy on her previous novel, which he did not represent since she had fired him long before it was published. Hitmen Candy and Karla€”first introduced in Foul Mattera€”are asked to a€œget rida€ of L. Bass Hess. They join forces with a publishing mogul, a bestselling author, an out-of-work Vegas magician, an alligator wrangler, a glamorous Malaysian con lady, and Hessa€™s aunt in the Everglades who has undergone a wildly successful sex change, and concoct a plan to save Cindy Sella from the odious machinations of Hess by driving him (slowly, hilariously) crazy. Grimesa€™s fans will delight in the return of several colorful characters from Foul Matter, including Senior Editor Clive Esterhaus, unprincipled publisher Bobby Mackenzie, and ex-mobster and author Danny Zito, currently under the witness protection program. New readers will find that these characters and their escapades shed an amusing light on the New York publishing scene. Informed and influenced by the authora€™s own publishing adventures, a€œThe Way of All Fish is a goofily offbeat delighta€ (The Washington Post).same night, Paul stopped his car at the tall chain-link fence that surrounded Gioa#39;s Auto Salvage. But he didna#39;t get out, not wanting to be chased and chewed by a bunch ofjunkyard dogs. ... He couldna#39;t recall ever having been in a junkyard and found it an eerie experience, dark and piled high with the carcasses of cars, anbsp;...

Title:The Way of All Fish
Author:Martha Grimes
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2014-01-07


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