The Water Bearer Diaries

The Water Bearer Diaries

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The Water Bearer Diaries is a personal journal I kept leading up to, during, and after an ...experience that took place in Portland, Oregon in early 2003. Although a personal journal, my mindset was definitely global and there may be material in this book that will help modern spiritual seekers. From The Water Bearer Diaries: During the time immediately before I was taken to the psych ward...I recall having problems breathing and perceiving that I needed to keep things in my mind or contact with life, or else I'd die. From a series of visions whizzing by I remember seeing (among other things I can't remember) my Mom, Dad, brother, nephew, some friends, the sun, an alien or aliens, the earth -this after I laid down on the bed this image of Earth as seen from outer space is the clearest image I have of this period of visions.]We had a discussion about gift-giving, as the brand new 27a€ flat screen blares basketball play-by-play into the air. My choice, buying that TV with the gift cash my Mom sent. Easily I could have ... [The I Ching, or Chinese Book of Changes, is an ancient oracle and guide used for thousands of years in much ofAsia. Although Ianbsp;...

Title:The Water Bearer Diaries
Author:Bud Dharmadha - 2006-09-01


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