The Upside of Down

The Upside of Down

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Environmental disasters. Terrorist wars. Energy scarcity. Economic failure. Is this the world's inevitable fate, a downward spiral that ultimately spells the collapse of societies? Perhaps, says acclaimed author Thomas Homer-Dixon - or perhaps these crises can actually lead to renewal for ourselves and planet earth. The Upside of Down takes the reader on a mind-stretching tour of societies' management, or mismanagement, of disasters over time. From the demise of ancient Rome to contemporary climate change, this spellbinding book analyzes what happens when multiple crises compound to cause what the author calls qsynchronous failure.q But, crisis doesn't have to mean total global calamity. Through catagenesis, or creative, bold reform in the wake of breakdown, it is possible to reinvent our future. Drawing on the worlds of archeology, poetry, politics, science, and economics, The Upside of Down is certain to provoke controversy and stir imaginations across the globe. The author's wide-ranging expertise makes his insights and proposals particularly acute, as people of all nations try to grapple with how we can survive tomorrow's inevitable shocks to our global system. There is no guarantee of success, but there are ways to begin thinking about a better world, and The Upside of Down is the ideal place to start thinking.But I was beginning to see some answers to the questions I posed at the start of my investigations. I was on my ... Many archaeologists and historians of Roman antiquity believe that the construction of the Baalbek temples was the apogee of Roman engineering. ... As my flight descended into Beirut, I realized that the trip was more than another chance to marvel at the Roman empirea#39;s prowess with rock.

Title:The Upside of Down
Author:Thomas Homer-Dixon
Publisher:Island Press - 2010-04-16


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