The (Unofficial) EC309 TIGON / LIGER SmartWatch-SmartPhone (SWaP) Book

The (Unofficial) EC309 TIGON / LIGER SmartWatch-SmartPhone (SWaP) Book

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If you're thinking of joining the smartwatch revolution, you might be interested in the EC309 TIGON or LIGER smartwatch that offers all the features of your smartphone... on your wrist. This book will explain what the smartwatch can do... before you buy it; and it will help you to make the most of your smartwatch once you have bought it. It's an unofficial book because we haven't colluded with the smartwatch manufacturer during the writing of this book, so we can say exactly what we like (and don't like) about it. More information on this and other smart watches can be found on the complementary web site at CONTENTS About the Book 1 - Sourcing the SmartWatch The Chinese Connection 2 a€“ What You Get with the SmartWatch SmartWatch Specification Display Memory Media Formats Ports Sensors 3 a€“ Operating the SmartWatch Anatomy of the SmartWatch Navigating the Screens The Home Screen(s) Configuring the Window 8-Style Desktop Using the Keyboard 4 a€“ Essential Configuration Configuring Your Mobile Service Configuring Your Google Account Adding Apps from the Google Play Store 5 a€“ Battery-Saving Usage Tips 6 a€“ Real-Life SmartWatch a€œUse Casesa€ Using the SmartWatch as a 3G Modem Using the SmartWatch as a Sat-Nav Conclusion How Did We Help You?an introduction and manual for the standalone 3G Android smartwatch SmartWatchBooks ... Keen to begin my testing, I ignored the advice in the quick- start guide to fully-charge and fully-discharge the watch battery three times before using it.

Title:The (Unofficial) EC309 TIGON / LIGER SmartWatch-SmartPhone (SWaP) Book
Publisher:LOTONtech (as -


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