The Ultimate Prize

The Ultimate Prize

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President Idrissa Bandada didn't think much when he cancelled an acclaimed freest and fairest election ever held in black Africa. But the events to follow would soon force the now retired general into a rethink. A supposed respectable businessman gets killed in a five-star hotel in the eastern city of Enugu. In a politically volatile country, such deaths are no news. But when such gruesome ends start repeating in quick succession, one name, The Dean; the unseen assassin claiming the murders; sends panic throughout the entire nation. The new President, Sabo Achaba, isn't going to fold hands in Aso Rock. He sends the security service, the SSS and soon his special elite guards, the B-Gang to get rid of the supposedly sole gunman. But The Dean is proving difficult to get that it seems the combined forces of the SSS and B-Gang are not professional enough. Meanwhile, The Dean, the intractable assassin, glides slowly with his team to the major target-General Achaba in Aso Rock. They call it Operation Octopus . A racing, hat-topping, suspense-filled thriller that mirrors an era steeped in military adventurism in Nigeria's not-too-distant past. If qThe Senatorq was engrossing, qThe Ultimate Prizeq will simply keep you on toes. q-Henry Okoduwa (The Sun)qFrom the look of it, ita#39;s an electrical malfunction. ... Replacement is the only remedy. ... Despite the fact that the Nissan Altima car was a strange one, the entrance gates at the ministry were thrown open without the usual security formalities.

Title:The Ultimate Prize
Author:Tai Obasi
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-01


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