The Two Faces of America

The Two Faces of America

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Leonard C. Garrett Sr. was born May 17, 1930 to parents sharecropping a 40 acres slave plot given his mothera€™s parents when they were freed from slavery. Forced from the farm by the Ku Klux Klan, his parents fled to Tampa, Florida. An avid reader, He learned that outside the southern states, for those with Hope, America offered Opportunity, and through Shared Sacrifice, a better America for the Generation that follows. He quit high school and joined the air force, moved his parents out of the projects, and set out to achieve his American dream. Retiring from the air force he joined a major bank as a junior executive and at age fifty-four, had achieved an American dream never believed possible. The Election of 1980 had Unleashed the Wealthy, Greedy, Corrupt, and the politically Powerful from the a€œBonds of Shared Sacrificea€ and; empowered conservative ideology driven southern states to roll-back Supreme Court decisions and Laws guaranteeing civil rights of black and Latino Americans. He was harvested, convicted, and sentenced to prison for crimes a€œfabricateda€ by the US attorney, covered up by a a€œFraudulent Judgmenta€ on appeal, a€œdenied accessa€ to the Court to seek redress, and was held falsely imprisoned for 10 years all; a€œcovered-upa€ by a corrupt conservative criminal justice system. Today at age 81, Garrett is among the millions of Americans driving past a€œgated communitiesa€ into cities with closed factories, boarded-up homes, and neighborhoods of unemployed, elderly, and less-advantaged Americans suffering the question, a€œwhat happened to the American that a€œWea€a€ sacrificed so much to make great?a€™a€President John F. Kennedy was to appear in the NASAa#39;s Saturn maintenance building, Hanger a€œHa€, next door to our Safety Unit. I went over early to see the Capsule before President Kennedy arrived. I saw a small speakera#39;s podium with theanbsp;...

Title:The Two Faces of America
Author:Leonard C. Garrett, Sr.
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-03-28


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