The Tudors: King Takes Queen

The Tudors: King Takes Queen

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Dissent rises in the kingdom of King Henry VIII of England. The king's ongoing dispute with the papacy over a desire for annulment is about to incite the Reformation, and his next step is to appoint a new archbishop in order to obtain his long-awaited marriage to Anne Boleyn. All crests that once bore the initials qH a Kq are promptly replaced with an intertwining qH a A, q the first of many significant changes to come. The birth of the new royal couple's first child, Princess Elizabeth, is followed by the death of Katherine of Aragon. New legislation decrees that any who dare commit an act against the king - or the kingdom's newfound beliefs - will face extreme consequences. With her husband growing increasingly impatient, it becomes apparent that the only crime Anne could commit against her king would be to deny him a male heir. As pressures rise in the kingdom, those who once found themselves in the king's good graces foresee a somber end to their reign. This rich novelization of season two of The Tudors follows the complicated relationship between Henry and Anne through to its historically significant and dramatic conclusion.eyes narrowed. Amid her other itemsa€”her inkwell, books, and papersa€”was a crudely drawn picture, placed where it could be easily seen. ... They were engrossed in a dissection of a rabbit that lay, legs splayed, in a wooden pan. a€œ... Sie lugenanbsp;...

Title:The Tudors: King Takes Queen
Author:Michael Hirst, Elizabeth Massie
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2008-04-15


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