The Tomb of the Devils

The Tomb of the Devils

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Ninety-five years ago the enormous interplanetary space vehicle, the Pacifica, with a numerous crew, suddenly and inexplicably disappeared as it neared the planet Pluto. None of the probes directed towards the planet after the disaster found any evidence that the vessel and its crew had ever existed. Now, a century later, the wreck of the huge ship has been sighted, lying shrouded in the hazy-black starlight on the Plutonian surface. A shuttle has been fitted for the dangerous journey to the seventh planet, and with three crewmembers aboard, has made the first attempt to reach Pluto since the loss of the Pacifica. As the shuttle approaches the planet, it also 'suddenly and inexplicably' disappears and is lost. Although the crew of three is believed to have perished, they have not, and will carry on with their mission: to determine how the Pacifica met its fate. The truth, however, may be found only beyond reason, or even beyond imagination, and the three astronauts may wish that they never sought answer to this great mystery.Having disposed of their burdensome gear they continued their walk until they stood in the midst of the lawn in front of the brick building. ... Philip reached for the doorknob on the reddish brown door assertively as if he meant to push it open in one swift movement but even ... Adrienne herself then reached out and ran a finger over the surface of the door, darkening a strip seven or eight inches long whereanbsp;...

Title:The Tomb of the Devils
Author:Michael D. Christensen
Publisher:Michael D Christensen - 2005-09-30


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