The Templars’ Return

The Templars’ Return

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Martina€™s seatbelt has just saved his life. While his fiancAce lies dead inside the car, Martin staggers up a hillside to summon help. He stumbles on a recently purchased, oddly shaped box that has survived the accident and, acting on impulse, opens it for the first time, revealing an iridescent golden bubble. Tempted by the vision he sees inside, Martin enters a portal that transports him straight into a strange, new world. Soon followed by Tony, Thom, and Aleks, who have all had similar bizarre experiences, Martin and his new friends have no idea they have been gifted with the Touch, an energy field power that everyone lives and breathes in their whimsical new home. Unbeknownst to the four, the Touch has the potential to create great things, but also has the power to destroy. When Martin, Tony, Thom and Aleks realize their new world is in jeopardy, they must not only learn how to use their power wisely, but also control it within themselves. Meanwhile, a Dark One waits in the shadows to annihilate everything. In this engaging fantasy tale, four unlikely heroes must learn to manipulate their new powers in order to stop a war none of them wants to fighta€”before it is too late.The car had excellent brakes and bled speed rapidly. They dragged ... Suddenly, at the worst possible time, all sensation through the steering wheel was gone. ... Thankfully it wasna#39;t slick or his hard braking would have ended very differently.

Title:The Templars’ Return
Author:Douglas Wilson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-09-10


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