The Tapir Scientist

The Tapir Scientist

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If youa€™ve never seen a lowland tapir, youa€™re not alone. Most of the people who live near tapir habitat in Brazila€™s vast Pantanal (a€œthe Everglades on steroidsa€) havena€™t seen the elusive snorkel-snouted mammal, either. In this arresting nonfiction picture book, Sibert winners Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop join a tapir-finding expedition led by the Brazilian field scientist Pati Medici. Aspiring scientists will love the immediate, often humorous a€œyou are therea€ descriptions of fieldwork, and gadget lovers will revel in the high-tech science at play, from microchips to the camera traps that capture the a€œsoap operaa€ of tapir life.Crammed into the 1977 Toyota Bandeirante Land Cruiser, wea#39;ve been scanning the grass, water, and scrubby forest around us ... A tropical animal with a long, flexible snout (which it can use as a snorkel when it swims) and a stout body, four anbsp;...

Title:The Tapir Scientist
Author:Sy Montgomery, Nic Bishop
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2013-07-23


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