The Taliban Don't Wave

The Taliban Don't Wave

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Captain Robert Semraua€™s military trial made international headlinesa€”a Canadian soldier serving in Afghanistan arrested for allegedly killing a grievously wounded Taliban soldier in the field. The trial and its outcome are a matter of public record. What you are about to read about the tour of duty that inspired this book is not. What you are about to read is an emotionally draining and mind-snapping firsthand account of war on the ground in Afghanistan. Ita€™s raw and explosive. Names have been changed to protect the brave and not so brave alike. What you are about to read is an account of soldiers who live, fight and die in a moonscape of a country where ita€™s sometimes hard to tell your friend from your enemy. Ita€™s about trying to hold it together when a mortar attack is ripping your friends and allies apart, and your world unravels before your eyes. Rob Semrau wrote this book to tell us about the sheer hell that is the Stan, but also to recognize the incredible courage and compassion he witnessed in the heat of battle. The soldiers you are about to meet and the events that befall them will linger on in your mind long after you have closed these pages.He walked confidently between the rows of ANA and began handing out candy canes from his sack. The ANA clearly didna#39;t know whether to crap their pants or go blind. This was really ... a€œHe is saying: a#39;You two . . . idiots . . . How dare youanbsp;...

Title:The Taliban Don't Wave
Author:Robert Semrau
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2012-08-17


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