The Survival of a Mathematician

The Survival of a Mathematician

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A successful mathematical career involves doing good mathematics, to be sure, but also requires a wide range of skills that are not normally taught in graduate school. The purpose of this book is to provide guidance to the professional mathematician in how to develop and survive in the profession. There is information on how to begin a research program, how to apply for a grant, how to get tenure, how to teach, and how to get along with one's colleagues. After tenure, there is information on how to direct a Ph.D. student, how to serve on committees, and how to serve in various posts in the math department. There is extensive information on how to serve as Chairman. There is also material on trouble areas: sexual harassment, legal matters, disputes with colleagues, dealing with the dean, and so forth. One of the themes of the book is how to have a fulfilling professional life. In order to achieve this goal, Krantz discusses keeping a vigorous scholarly program going and finding new challenges, as well as dealing with the everyday tasks of research, teaching, and administration. In short, this is a survival manual for the professional mathematician--both in academics and in industry and government agencies. It is a sequel to the author's A Mathematician's Survival Guide. Steven G. Krantz is an accomplished mathematician and an award-winning author. He has published more than 150 research articles and over 50 books. He has worked as an editor of several book series, research journals, and for the Notices of the AMS.convince someone from another institution to write a letter for the student. Make sure that the dossier includes at least one detailed letter about the studenta#39;s teaching abilities. When you write a letter of recommendation, tell the truth. ... the candidate arrived to assume his/her position, the hiring institution often found that he/she could not understand even simple instructions and had no idea how to teach.

Title:The Survival of a Mathematician
Author:Steven George Krantz
Publisher:American Mathematical Soc. - 2009-01


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