The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

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When a child diesa€”even an adult childa€” bereaved parents are left with a a€œstomachache that never ends.a€ No parent expects to make their childa€™s funeral arrangements. The death of a child is a loss only those who have lived through it can fully comprehend. A grieving parent wonders if the sun will ever show its face again. After Wayne Triplett lost his son, he set out to write the book he most neededa€”one that would offer solace, support, and inspiration. Telling his story and the stories of other bereaved parentsa€”he discovered that grief never ends, but that if we open up to it, it can transform itself. We can with Goda€™s help turn our heart-wrenching loss into something that will make a difference in the lives of others. One day we will pass through the storm of sorrow into new realms of sunlight and hope. a€c Find the road back to joy a€c Meet yourself in this book a€c Learn to live in the a€œnew normala€ a€c Affirm that life is still worth living a€c Find answers to the hard questions about death a€c Discover how God can truly heal a broken heart a€c Encounter real grief and real people dealing with it a€c Explore the journey through grief after the ultimate loss To find hope, to find faith, to find the way we can turn our sadness into service for others and into love in our own livesa€”these are the greatest challenges of loss. They are also the greatest opportunities. All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Kevin Wayne Triplett Memorial Scholarship Fund.Headaches and dental problems may result from tooth grinding, an increase in alcohol or cigarette use may occur. ... The doors are open and people visit inside, but at present I need to see them as he did. ... I have many things that were dear to Kevin: Taco, his black and white rat terrier dog, his Atlantic blue 2000 Ford Mustang, his guitars and amps, a wide assortment of his clothing, his class ring, anbsp;...

Title:The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
Author:Wayne Triplett
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-09-07


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