The Submarine NAVPERS 16160-B GUPPY Edition

The Submarine NAVPERS 16160-B GUPPY Edition

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The Submarine, Navpers 16160-B, is a revision of the classic WWII submarine training book, The Fleet Type Submarine, that was issued in 1961. In the post-war period, the United States developed the GUPPY class submarines, and this book uses the USS Becuna (SS-319) to acquaint crews with the design. GUPPY was an extensive conversion program that saw WWII-era boats modified with the snorkel, greater battery capacity, and a more streamlined hull. The book offers definitions of submarine components and terminology, and provides technical descriptions of various machinery and sub-systems such as the snorkel, ballast tanks, ventilation, trim and steering. Originally classified qRestrictedq, this book was recently declassified and is here reprinted in book form. Some illustrations have been slightly reformatted, and color plates are reproduced in black and white. Care has been taken to preserve the integrity of the text.ALTE RN ATING- CURRENT SUPPLY Motor-generator sets are installed 0n the submarine to provide a-c power. ... On this common bus, two large snap switches control the supply of a-c power to the following circuits: 1. The radar electronicsanbsp;...

Title:The Submarine NAVPERS 16160-B GUPPY Edition
Author:Cindy Bowman, United States Navy - 2008-09


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