The Stone Man - a Science Fiction Horror Novel

The Stone Man - a Science Fiction Horror Novel

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THE #1 AMAZON HORROR BESTSELLER!qTHE STONE MAN is a novel that intrigues, enthralls, horrifies, thrills, and hits the reader with an emotional resonance as only the best stories can.q-Ain't It Cool NewsNobody knew where it came from.Nobody knew why it came.Even so, for two-bit (and antisocial) reporter Andy Pointer, the appearance in his city of a man made of moving stone meant the scoop of a lifetime. He would soon learn that The Stone Man was much more - and much worse - than that.This is Andy's account of everything that came afterwards, and the people that were lost along the way; of the terrible price that he, and the rest of his country, had to pay.The destruction. The visions. The dying.PRAISE FOR 'THE STONE MAN':qOnce again believable characters and a mind blowing story, and when Luke Smitherd is recognised as the great writer he is he is bound to be compared to the likes of James Herbert and Stephen King.q-Scrooby1, Amazon UK ReviewqTremendous. I was looking for something completely original and different, this nailed it spot on. Highly recommended.q-Neil Novita, Amazon USA ReviewqI have owned a Kindle for about 2 years and downloaded some excellent books for very little cost but Luke Smitherd's works beat the lotq-Silversmith, Amazon UK ReviewqThis ebook was fantastic and totally different from any other sci-fi thriller I've ever read...I kept thinking 'What if...what if...'-Carl Law, Amazon US ReviewqIt was one of those books where you tell yourself you will read just one more page, then look at the clock and realise that it's 2 hours later , I would thoroughly recommend itq-Elaine Hosegood, Amazon UK ReviewqAs soon as I started reading I was completely sucked in, which very rarely happens for me. I couldn't wait to get home and read it each night. I laughed. I cried. I did actual real life gasps of horror.q-Katie, Amazon UK ReviewqFantastically written characters who make you care about them right from the off, an unfathomable villain who defies all understanding and a supporting cast that flesh out the story beautifully.q-Andy Pettifer, Goodreads ReviewqI spend a lot of time trawling through the kindle book store looking for cheap books, relying on reviews to make my purchases. I have come across some less than average books using this method, but also some real gems. This book definitely falls into the latter category. It had me gripped from page one right through to the Alternative Ending Synopsis at the end. The other reviews leave me little to say other than thanks Luke.q-Steve Sut, Amazon UK ReviewqSo good the first thing I did after I put it down was to download his other two books.q-Miss H. L. Smith, Amazon UK ReviewqThis book starts with a bang and doesn't let up. A cracking adventure mystery, with a heavy dose of horror to keep you on the edge of your seat. The Stone Man himself if a very frightening and enigmatic figure; I read this in two sittings. Recommended.q-Dickydavis, Goodreads reviewqA very enjoyable read and cracking value at the price.Do not be put off by Science Fiction or Horror in the title if they are not your bag, this is an inteligent and thought provoking read. Highly recommended.q-Dave Osborn, Amazon UK ReviewqI literally found this hard to stop reading, I wanted to know the answers.I have been around a good while so have read all of Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury etc. and I would genuinely put this author in the same class as these class acts.q-K Murphy, Amazon UK my 5-star review? That's five stars in comparison to REAL books; not just the stuff you'll find self-published on Kindle. The Stone Man is the sort of book that, if I'd splashed ten quid on in an airport or train station, bookstore, I'd have considered it money well-spent.q Militant Ginger, Amazon USA ReviewA full-length novel. 140, 000 words.FROM THE AUTHOR OF 'THE PHYSICS OF THE DEAD' AND 'THE BLACK ROOM' SERIES, ALSO AVAILABLE ON THE KINDLE STORE.This book definitely falls into the latter category. It had me gripped from page one right through to the Alternative Ending Synopsis at the end. The other reviews leave me little to say other than thanks Luke.

Title:The Stone Man - a Science Fiction Horror Novel
Author:Luke Smitherd
Publisher: - 2012-12-05


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