The Stocked Kitchen

The Stocked Kitchen

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Wea€™ve all had that moment during the day when we ask with a pit in our stomach, a€œWhat am I going to make for dinner?a€ We stand in our kitchens having a conversation with ourselves (hopefully silently), a€œI dona€™t have anything to make.... What I planned doesn't sound good.... I dona€™t have any time to cook let alone get to the store.a€ Families across the country are continually searching for a way to make the process easier. Many get discouraged into pre-packaged complacency, which doesna€™t satisfy any real cravings. Bookstores contain myriad cookbooks toting catch phrases like a€œQuick and Simplea€ or a€œCheap and Easy.a€ The recipes may be quick, but they often require readers to purchase random ingredients they'll never use again. As a result, home cooks find themselves burdened with cluttered pantries, refrigerators, and cupboards filled with hundreds of dollars of cookbooks and specialty items like a€œred pepper pastea€ and are still left without an easy to use, versatile, and effective system for getting dinner on the table. That's where Sarah Kallio, Stacey Krastins, and The Stocked Kitchen comes in! The Stocked Kitchena„c is the first complete meal creation system with only one standard list of groceries. If your kitchen is qStockedq with these ingredients you will always have what you need to create any of the 300 delicious recipes found in this book. These recipes have been used for all of the authors' own dining needs, including meals for drop-in guests, special occasions, and every-night family dinners. The Stocked Kitchen encompasses all parts of the meal creation process from shopping, to storing, to cooking, to serving. The results are delicious, a€œguest worthya€ meals made from real, basic ingredients. Sarah and Stacey have proven The Stocked Kitchena„c system works. It has reduced their grocery bills, stress levels, trips to the market, and food waste. Create more delicious meals while removing the handcuffs of pre-planning. One grocery list, endless recipes!If your kitchen is aquot;Stockedaquot; with these ingredients you will always have what you need to create any of the 300 delicious recipes found in this book.

Title:The Stocked Kitchen
Author:Sarah Kallio, Stacey Krastins
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-07-05


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