The Stingy Minion

The Stingy Minion

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Educated by her imprisoned hacker father, and dumped on her grandparents' doorstep by her distraught mother, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Carson brings big problems to smalltown Ellisville, Missouri. Rooted in a broken family and conflicted by her own awakening femininity, she fails to recognize that help is all around-a caring community, a musical prodigy named Jereme, and loving grandparents. As if family problems were not enough, Elizabeth's curious nature finds more trouble. She brings her father's hacking program, the Stingy Minion, back to life, and soon finds herself staring at a highly classified NSA blog site used by the president of the United States. Trouble escalates to danger when a power hungry investment firm tries to steal the Stingy Minion and threatens her life and the lives of newfound friends. In over her head, Elizabeth continues to hack and discovers a plot to attack Iran's nuclear development sites. The world is on the verge of nuclear war. With hired thugs on her tail, only time will tell how long she and her friends will remain safe.He has circled the location of the high school in red and drawn an arrow labeled Escape Route. He points to the arrow. a€œThis is the only hole these cockroaches can crawl through. The police will be waiting to smash them on the other side.a€ I snap a picture with my smartphone. a€œGood job. Pack up. Next stop, the cop shop.

Title:The Stingy Minion
Author:H. M. Marson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-08


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