The State Of the Union and Our Democracy?

The State Of the Union and Our Democracy?

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The State of the Union is a book about the present leadership, and the history that we have experienced from the 90s to 2006. The book is about politics, government, and the history of the nation. Plus, some of the things that are left out in the history books in a time when technology has improved for people to be free and able to report. This book is for people to understand some of the history that you may have missed or have not kept up with the whole time. I separated the book into the various chapters, according to the dates they occurred, and how I felt that day when I wrote it according to how I understood the news reports. A lot of news has compiled, and a lot of people are still very confused about the State of the Union and of the World. The environment is going to be the biggest challenge for the future. At the same time, there is a common agreement that the government in the United States has misinformed us, spent a lot borrowed money, and there are officials that have abused their power. Too many issues have come up, and the government is having a difficult time on being fair, and there is a growing movement in the United States for individuals to raise and become leaders. The World is changing, and this is a unique time. Enjoy the book.I got $7, 000 for trade in and I owed $9, 000, and at the time I didna#39;t care I wanted the new four by four F150 at $31, 000. I was told ... The only way I could get out of Ford was by selling the car to a private party, and I did to a used car sales lot for $13, 000. He gave my ... The methods and language of the sales people and manger use on the desk, the interest rate for the F150 was then at 21 percent. It is noanbsp;...

Title:The State Of the Union and Our Democracy?
Author:James Ameen Joher
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2006-11-30


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