The Star-Spangled Triangle

The Star-Spangled Triangle

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In 2019, the United States is a changed nation. After a recent civil war and a rewritten Constitution, only forty-two states remain within what is now known as the Federated States of America. As President Meryl Montessori attempts to gain full control of a country riddled by violence, sociopathic FBI director, Beatrice Orange, begins to piece together a complex plot to overthrow the new government. On the international front, China and Russia are at war. A deadly, incurable virus hidden by the Russians in an ancient fortress must be located and destroyed before steadily advancing Chinese armies release it on an unsuspecting world. From Washington, D.C., the president deploys her eclectic Blue Battalion team to bring down the director and destroy the virus. After crime fighter Peter Hassel and street cop Rachael Rothburg survive an attempted assassination, they join eccentric scientist, Dr. Frank Stein, and other members of the Blue Battalion team to investigate Orangea€™s plan. But as they begin to uncover seedy secrets, an adolescent alien life form with a reputation for interfering in human affairs prepares to make a reappearance. The Star-Spangled Triangle is the story of a new nation and its struggles to survive as a startling future history unfolds and a team of great minds attempts to bring down an evil leader.Startled out of a darkly dozy reverie by an annoying fly that has been hitchhikingin the Ford Focus since Newark, Beatrice ... Pulling over to the curb one full block from #74, Beatrice checks her magazine, then screws on the custom Evolution ... She accelerates slowly to fifteen miles per hour, cutting her engine at #70, stomping hard on her no- longer-power-brakes and fighting to turn the front wheels .

Title:The Star-Spangled Triangle
Author:James Luce
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-05-23


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