The Spheres of Music

The Spheres of Music

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Leonard B. Meyer's writings on the theory, history, perception, and aesthetics of music have inspired and provoked generations of readers. The Spheres of Music makes available a selection of his most important essays (originally published between 1974 and 1998). Gathering them together in one volume not only enables the essays to qconverseq with and illuminate each other, but also allows Meyer to revise, recant, and comment on the ideas they present. With the same sensitive insight and searching intelligence he has exhibited throughout his career, Meyer transcends the boundaries that so often separate fields of inquiry. The Spheres of Music joins music theory to history, history to culture, culture to aesthetics, aesthetics to psychology, and psychology back to theory. In so doing, the book highlights the complex interrelationships at the heart of the creation, comprehension, and history of music. Diverse and adventurous, The Spheres of Music presents an intriguing and impressive collection of Meyer's work. qEver since the publication of his Emotion and Meaning in Music . . . I have considered Leonard B. Meyer one of the keenest thinkers about music among€”Winthrop Sargeant, The New YorkerA Gathering of Essays Leonard B. Meyer ... Inspection (as well as common sense ) suggests more difficulty in learning to classify bilinear melodies, such as ... The degree of internal redundancy also seems to affect ease of classification. ... As one might expect, clear figure /ground division (as in a homophonic texture) facilitates the classification of melodies, while textural intricacy makes it more difficult.

Title:The Spheres of Music
Author:Leonard B. Meyer
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2000-07-01


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