The Shy Single

The Shy Single

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Nearly 50 percent of adults in the United States describe themselves as chronically shy, and an even larger number are single. These numbers prove what we already know: There are a lot of us sitting home alone, letting the dating world pass us by. But it doesn't have to be that way! In The Shy Single, New York psychologist Bonnie Jacobson outlines her breakthrough program that helps shy men and women securely maneuver any social situation. At the heart of the book is her confidence-boosting plan for managing the three stages of a shyness attack, a dating profile quiz, journaling exercises, cumulative courage-rating scores, and real testimonies from Dr. Jacobson's extraordinarily popular shyness workshops round out the qcoach's cornerq advice for shy daters on how to: Work a room and get past awkward introductions Participate in dinner conversations and bridge uncomfortable silences Ask someone out End a date gracefully Handle sexual advances The aim of The Shy Single is not to make us un-shy, but to enable us to function despite our pounding hearts and sweaty palms. With small, manageable steps, we can gain self-assurance and learn how to finesse awkward or possibly embarrassing situations. Navigate a room with small talk? No problem. Ask out a coworker? No sweat. Make the first move in an intimate situation? You bet. From going online to declining a second date to determining whether we've found qthe one, q Dr. Jacobson shows us that dating happiness isn't just for other, more outgoing people--it's for us.A Bold Guide to Dating for the Less-than-Bold Dater Bonnie Jacobson, Sandra J. Gordon ... a€œThat way, your date can think youa#39;re not half as bad as you make yourself out to be if you should meet in person, a€ said Valerie, a Shy in her midthirtiesanbsp;...

Title:The Shy Single
Author:Bonnie Jacobson, Sandra J. Gordon
Publisher:Rodale - 2004-06-12


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