The Short, Short-Story Omnibus-1

The Short, Short-Story Omnibus-1

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35 Short, Short Stories Titles: How To Steal A Condo; Jordan a Johnathan; There's No Place Like Home; Creditworthy; Potty Training Can Be Costly; Cruising for Gold; It's A Dog's Life; The Bridge of Opportunity Only Knocks Once; Predicting; Chocolate Craziness; The Happy Printer; Who Is the Best?; The Tweakers; The Travelerrrrrrr; Keep The Lights Burning; The Hit Of The Show; q21q Gone Awry; Who You Gonna Call; Where's My Money Gone; A Fireman Is Nor Always a qFiremanq; No Drought About It; A Really Short Short-Story; The Sleeping Girl on the Couch; Modeling Around; So You Think You Are An Artist?; My Java Is Going South; Frauds, Frauds Everywhere; Ring, Ring; Doggie Chronic Stress; Beauty Is Only Skin Deep; Stealing Our Jobs; PI-Eyed; What's Hot / What's Not; Mickey's Calling; Make Sure Your Car Fits. 1 Short Novelette: Jim a Jan Lucky Inc.My credit history is excellent now since I continue to receive credit card solicitations and applications by the dozens, every week. ... I decided to reallytake advantage ofall those creditcard solicitations I receivedin the mail tohelp build theanbsp;...

Title:The Short, Short-Story Omnibus-1
Author:Bernard Block
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-01-16


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