The SGML Handbook

The SGML Handbook

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The next five years will see a revolution in computing. Users will no longer have to work at every computer task as if they had no need or ability to share data with all their other computer tasks, they will not need to act as if the computer is simply a replacement for paper, nor will they have to appease computers or software programs that seem to be at war with one another. The Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) is the technical advance enabling this revolution, and Dr Charles Goldfarb of the IBM Almaden Research Center is its inventor. The SGML Handbook gives the reader Dr Goldfarb's thoughts on each clause in this widely adopted international standard, and guides the reader through every detail of SGML. The SGML Handbook includes the up-to-date amended full text of ISO 8879, extensively annotated, cross-referenced, and indexed; a detailed, structured overview of SGML, covering every concept; additional tutorial and reference material; a unique `push-buttonaccess system' that provides hypertext links between the standard, annotations, overview, and tutorials. SGML will improve the productivity and competitiveness of all computer users if its sophistication is now harnessed by developers of SGML applications and implementors of SGML systems. These are the people who will find this book an invaluable guide and an authoritative voice.These are the people who will find this book an invaluable guide and an authoritative voice.

Title:The SGML Handbook
Author:Charles F. Goldfarb, Yuri Rubinsky
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 1990


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