The Seraphim Sequence: The Fifth Column 2

The Seraphim Sequence: The Fifth Column 2

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The world is reeling in the aftermath of genocide. Former black operative Sophia is among the remnants of the Akhana, a once-strong organized resistance against the all-powerful world government known as the Fifth Column. Branded as the world's most wanted terrorist, Sophia barely escaped her last encounter with the organization with her life. Now a new threat is emerging from inside the Fifth Column. Project Seraphim: a technology utilizing extremely low frequencies that can make anyone feel and do anything at any time. Mass populations will fall under the influence of an almost unlimited power. To stop them Sophia must join forces with former friends turned enemies and former enemies turned unlikely alliesa€”first among them Denton, a master manipulator whom she would prefer to run her knife through than work with. Sophia has four days. Four days before what little freedom the human race has left is gone forever. The brutal game of betrayal and counter-betrayal that began with the international bestseller, The Chimera Vector, continues in this highly anticipated sequel. THE FIFTH COLUMN SERIES: The Chimera Vector (The Fifth Column, #1) The Seraphim Sequence (The Fifth Column, #2) The Phoenix Variant (The Fifth Column, #3)For each smoke grenade to work, they would need to manually light the fuse. Nasira had set the length of the fuses at ... More faces. Sophia moved back to her bed, drawing her Walther P99. a#39;Ita#39;s her!a#39; the man with the gleaming eyes shouted.

Title:The Seraphim Sequence: The Fifth Column 2
Author:Nathan M Farrugia, Nathan M. Farrugia
Publisher:Pan - 2013-03-15


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