The Scotland Spy

The Scotland Spy

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qWhen ancient Rome dominated the known world in the beginning of the first century, the Roman military established outposts on the borders of its territories to serve as guardians of the empire. Soldiers stationed at the Roman forts on the fringe of the empire would often marry local women in the villages around their post. Sometimes they would be recruited by their new families, the barbarian enemies of Rome, to serve the barbarian tribes own interests. Early first century monks from suppressed secret religious societies and pagan priests would also try to recruit the Roman soldiers to join their religious orders. The activities of these ancient Roman outposts were not dissimilar to the military listening stations and surveillance outposts established on the outer most borders of Western civilization that surrounded the Soviet Union in the middle of the 20th century.q T.H. Henning, The Scotland Spy, The Beginning During the Cold War, many intelligence alliances were formed between foreign and U.S. agencies. Men and women who had served in overseas assignments in military intelligence were actively recruited to join international clandestine organizations. Some of these secret organizations had started as secret societies in monasteries during the middle ages. Max Warren, a spy stationed in Scotland, was recruited into the JASON Mission Office which was allied with a Secret Order of warrior monks. As an undercover agent Max was assigned to missions that occurred in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Soviet Union. After many years he finally connects the seemingly unrelated JASON missions and learns that he had participated in an intricate and deadly international chess match.Max had studied Russian language, history, literature, economics, and geography at Penn State but never thought he would ever actually visit ... Maxa#39;s hotel room had high ceilings, faulty electrical wiring, and an old fashion rotary dial phone.

Title:The Scotland Spy
Author:T. H. Henning
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-10


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