The Savage Wars Of Peace

The Savage Wars Of Peace

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America's qsmall wars, q qimperial wars, q or, as the Pentagon now terms them, qlow-intensity conflicts, q have played an essential but little-appreciated role in its growth as a world power. Beginning with Jefferson's expedition against the Barbary Pirates, Max Boot tells the exciting stories of our sometimes minor but often bloody landings in Samoa, the Philippines, China, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Mexico, Russia, and elsewhere. Along the way he sketches colorful portraits of little-known military heroes such as Stephen Decatur, qFighting Fredq Funston, and Smedley Butler. From 1800 to the present day, such undeclared wars have made up the vast majority of our military engagements. Yet the military has often resisted preparing itself for small wars, preferring instead to train for big conflicts that seldom come. Boot re-examines the tragedy of Vietnam through a qsmall warq prism. He concludes with a devastating critique of the Powell Doctrine and a convincing argument that the armed forces must reorient themselves to better handle small-war missions, because such clashes are an inevitable result of America's far-flung imperial responsibilities.was sent to fight a war for which nothing in his training or experience had prepared him. ... out cutting the Ho Chi Minh Trail by occupying Laos, or even inflicting unlimited punishment from the air against North Vietnam. ... As part of this policy (and over the objections of the brass), he bestowed the green beret on the Special Forces and expanded their budget. ... The armya#39;s Field Manual of Operations preached that a€œwars can be won only by offensive action, a€ and that was precisely whatanbsp;...

Title:The Savage Wars Of Peace
Author:Max Boot
Publisher:Basic Books - 2014-03-11


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