The Roche Limit

The Roche Limit

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THE ROCHE LIMIT plows straight through the minefield of American traumas, taboos and contradictions a€“ it's an unrelenting piece of visceral, satirical spy fiction that a€œ...pulls no punches and has a lingering powera€ba€ (Publishers Weekly). Bigoted and demented intelligence operative Bob Faller hates what his beloved America is becoming: A Liberal freak show, where various minorities are challenging the natural, fair and balanced order of things a€“ upheld by the sacrifices of proud, White, All-American men like himself. What makes this Righteous Ranger even more furious: An qAfrican Muslim Communistq could become the next Commander-in-Chief and put an end to all these good, clean, fun wars a€“ perhaps even put Bob and his pals behind bars, just for doing their patriotic duty. But Bob and his boss a€“ the morbidly obese spy master Randall Flesko a€“ soon have bigger things to worry about: Throughout the Middle East, their high value targets are vanishing into thin air a€“ seemingly with the aid of some unknown clandestine unit. Bob senses that America is facing an immense threat. Have the terrorists managed to slip away in order to prepare for another a€“ even more devastating a€“ attack on the Homeland?I follow the horn, and there itisa€”a plainlooking white Ford Fusion. Isearch ... Iput the keys in the ignition, andthe builtin navigation systemimmediately turns on. A female voice ... I check the glove box, but therea#39;s no instruction manual. After aanbsp;...

Title:The Roche Limit
Author:Jonas Vesterberg
Publisher:Exilio Press Inc. - 2013-06-13


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