The rich get richer, the poor can too!

The rich get richer, the poor can too!

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Do you constantly tell yourself? a€œI dona€™t have enough moneya€ a€œI dona€™t have enough timea€ a€œI dona€™t know what my passion isa€? Forget telling yourself a€œI dona€™t knowa€ - Discover how to find your passion and unlock the secrets to living your dream life. If you are powered by passiona€b all things are possible... According to the usual script, Stacey should be living on the streets, in jail, on drugs or dead. She ticks all the boxes when it comes to risk factors, having experienced no mum throughout her life, bought up in housing commission, was sexually abused at the age of nine, living in a shed aged fourteen, fell pregnant at fifteen, was homeless with two babies at nineteena€bhad three children and was living in a violent relationship at twenty onea€b but somehow managed to pursue and achieve her dreams and goals. This remarkable thirty two year old woman has managed to defy the odds in a spectacular way, through following her passion. She worked on her mindset and took action on her dreams, and now has five beautiful children and lives in her dream home by the beach with her fiancAc. Through the very techniques described in this book, Stacey grew a small business from $100 of sales per month to a whopping $100, 000 per month, was nominated for the 2011 Telstra Business Womena€™s Awards and is now a motivational speaker. She is also the ambassador of the Lighthouse Foundation and Brave Hearts Foundation both protecting vulnerable children. If you have dreamed of success in your life but cana€™t seem to pinpoint exactly what your passion or burning desire is, this book is for you. Are you ready to take on board Staceya€™s proven steps to create the mindset that millionaires share? Are you ready to put aside your fears and excuses and reap the rewards? The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Can Too is jam packed with practical, easy to do techniques that will shift your thinking from a€œita€™s too harda€ to a€how can I make it happena€ which will transform your life into the life you dream of. a€c uncover your passion a€c create a clear vision of your dream life a€c move through excuses and fears a€c discover practical step by step strategies to achieve your goals THE POWER TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IS INSIDE YOU RIGHT NOW AND STACEY CURRIE WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY. a€Congratulations! You are obviously a remarkable woman!a€ a€œThis wonderful, inspiring book gives you the tools a motivation to achieve all your goalsa€”including getting rich!a€ Brian Tracya€”Authora€”a€œThe Way to Wealtha€ For additional resources please visit Business Management when I was finally able to buy a brand new VX Commodore, complete with air conditioning and heating. I had worked my butt off for this for many years and couldna#39;t wait to visit my friends and show them how I wasanbsp;...

Title:The rich get richer, the poor can too!
Author:Stacey Currie
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-01-18


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