The Rhetorical Nature of XML

The Rhetorical Nature of XML

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The Rhetorical Nature of XML is the first volume to combine rhetoric, XML, and knowledge management in a substantive manner. It serves as a primer on XML and XML-related technologies, illustrating how the naming of XML elements can be understood as a rhetorical act, and detailing the essentials of knowledge management practices that illustrate the need for intelligently conceived databases in organizations. Authors J.D. Applen and Rudy McDaniel explain how technical knowledge and rhetorical knowledge are symbiotic assets in the modern information economy, emphasizing that skilled professionals and apprentice learners must not only adapt to and become adept with new technological environments, but they must also remain aware of the dynamic social and technological contexts through which they communicate. Applen and McDaniel use this subject as a catalyst to encourage interdisciplinary connections and projects between experts in fields such as technical communication, digital media, library science, computer science, and information technology. The authors demonstrate techniques for working with XML in interdisciplinary projects with attention to single sourcing and content management. Interviews with practitioners working with XML for research and in industry are also included, to illustrate how XML is currently being used in a variety of disciplines, such as technical communication and digital media. Combining applied theory and XML technology to solve real-world problems in technical communication and digital media, this work provides an entry point for students and practitioners who do not have an extensive background in markup languages, enabling them to begin developing user-centric projects using XML. Visit the booka€™s companion web site: the source code comments in C# (Authorsa#39; Note: C# is the a€œC Sharpa€ programming language) code files, which are done in XML tags, ... A central tool of CMPM is the Cast Performance Management System (CPMS), a distributed Java and PHP application that coordinates the activities of online actors. ... I are authoring these materials, with help from a€œseasonal labora€ (semester-long student projects).

Title:The Rhetorical Nature of XML
Author:J.D. Applen, Rudy McDaniel
Publisher:Routledge - 2009-09-10


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