The RF Transmission Systems Handbook

The RF Transmission Systems Handbook

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Although it is one of the oldest sectors of electronics and now somewhat taken for granted, radio frequency transmission literally changed our world. Today, it is still the backbone of myriad applications, from broadcasting to electronic counter-measures. The wide variety of hardware in use means that those working in the field must be familiar with a multitude of principles and applications, but finding an up-to-date, comprehensive source for this background material has been difficult, if not impossible. The RF Transmission Systems Handbook addresses the underlying concepts, operation, and maintenance of high-power RF devices, transmission lines, and antennas for broadcast, scientific, and industrial use. Focusing on devices and systems that produce more than one kilowatt of output power, the handbook explores the following major topics: Applications: The common uses of radio frequency energy Fundamental principles: The basic technologies, concepts, and techniques used in RF transmission Power vacuum devices: The principles and applications of gridded vacuum tubes and microwave power devices Solid-state power devices: The operating parameters of semiconductor-based power devices RF components and transmission lines: The operation of hardware used to combine and conduct RF power Antenna systems: The different types of antennas and their basic operating parameters Troubleshooting: Basic troubleshooting techniques and the operation of important test instruments Contrary to the perceptions of many, RF technology remains a dynamic field that continues to advance to higher power levels and higher frequencies. Those who specify, install, and maintain RF equipment will welcome this reference that uniquely serves their needs.Therefore, unless the PA bias power supply line fuse opened, R1 would overheat and probably fail. ... 19.2 includes three doorknob capacitors (C2a€“C4) formed into a single assembly. ... It is often difficult to relate the electrical schematic diagram to the mechanical assembly that exists within the transmitter output stage.

Title:The RF Transmission Systems Handbook
Author:Jerry C. Whitaker
Publisher:CRC Press - 2002-05-29


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