The Real Man's Toolbox

The Real Man's Toolbox

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The manual every man needs to live a healthier life. Real men take care of their cars, trucks or bikes. Real men make sure their fishing rods or golf clubs are in good nick. Real men take pride in knowing the footy scores or the odds for race seven. But too many real men don't look after themselves. It's a safe bet that most men don't think too hard about how their body works...until it doesn't. THE REAL MAN'S TOOL BOX is a DIY health manual that covers everything from the heart and digestion to waterworks and emotions: basically anything that can commonly misfire in the male body! (There is even a chapter on 'Secret Women's Business' so savvy blokes can understand the women in their lives a bit better.) This easy-to-read guide demystifies medical jargon, shows the simple changes a man can make to improve his health and highlights the key milestones that mean it's time for a 'service'.A DIY health manual for men Tammy Farrell ... Nor would you use fish oil instead of motor oil, liquid drainer instead of radiator fluid, or your kida#39;s Nintendo Wii instead of a battery. ... works out to be cheaper a€” and less painful and inconvenient a€” in the long run than having a quadruple bypass operation, with all the time offanbsp;...

Title:The Real Man's Toolbox
Author:Tammy Farrell
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-02-01


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