The Psychology of B F Skinner

The Psychology of B F Skinner

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Psychology of B F Skinner offers a guide to the work of Skinner - his theories and their application in the field of behaviourism. Behaviourists commonly consider Skinner's work to have been misrepresented, misunderstood, and to some extent defamed. In this book, William O'Donohue and Kyle Ferguson illuminate Skinner's contributions to psychology, his philosophy of science, his experimental research programme (logical positivism) and the behavioral principles that emerged from it, and applied aspects of his work. The authors also: clarify the work of Skinner, and put it into historical and philosophical context; rebut criticism of Skinner's work, including radical behaviourism; discuss key developments by others that have derived from Skinner's work; briefly discuss biographical details; Extensive use of examples and illustrations demonstrate the application and usefulness of Skinner's work.In this book, the author clarifies the work of B F Skinner, and puts it into historical and philosophical context. Though not a biography, the book discusses Skinner himself, in brief.

Title:The Psychology of B F Skinner
Author:William O'Donohue, Kyle E. Ferguson
Publisher:SAGE - 2001-03-15


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