The Price

The Price

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Dwight is a man that has had his share of women and he is ready to finally make the plunge across the marriage aisle, but there is always a but. He's been having second thoughts about his relationship of two years due to his girlfriend Vanessa's constant phone gossip. Dwight has now been given a new assistant by his mentor at his law firm. Dwight sees his new assistant Roslyn exploding with confidence and becomes very intrigued by her. As faith would have it she is also very beautiful and very much single. Dwight notices things about her that is missing in his current relationship. After a few days of interaction with Roslyn things began to take a turn. Dwight notices himself beginning to look at her as the woman he had always been looking for. Since Roslyn was now his new assistance, that meant long hours in the office together alone. They began to tell each other about their most personal feelings. Dwight knew he was stepping in unchartered territory. Keywords: Love, Romance, Men, Redemption, Sex, Infidelity, Women, Careers, Sorority, FriendshipVanessa wasna#39;t born yesterday and she wasna#39;t going to let up on me any time soon. If I took my shirt off ... I called her cell phone several times and after a few tries I noticed her phone was beginning to go straight to voicemail. I knew if her cellanbsp;...

Title:The Price
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2015-01-14


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