The Porsche Quiz Book

The Porsche Quiz Book

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Do you own a Porsche? Can you name the different models past and present? Are you familiar with the technology that goes into making these iconic cars? Or maybe you aspire to owning one? Whatever the reason for your interest, if Porsche is your car of choice you will love this quiz book. Which word, also the name of a German city, appears on the Porsche badge? In which 1984 film was a Porsche 928 crushed by a monster truck? What does a€˜RSa€™ stand for, which appears on a number of lightweight Porsches and has done since 1972? If you think you know the answers to these questions, why not check to see if you are right in The Porsche Quiz Book. Full of fascinating Porsche related trivia, this quiz book is certain to reveal something you never knew about your favourite make of car. There are 100 questions on all aspects of Porsche including information about the company, the cars and their capabilities and even the films they have featured in. This book is a must-have for Porsche fans the world over.Whatis thetop speedofa 1997 Boxster, manual, 2.5litre? 20. a#39;RSa#39;has appeared on a ... In which year did Porsche introduce the V8powered 928 grand tourer a€“ 1977, 1979 or 1981? 22. Which model of ... At which motor show did the second generation Boxster (known as the 987) make its debut in 2004? 28. The 1997 ... The Porsche Cayenne, manufactured in 2002, has how many seats? 32. True or false:anbsp;...

Title:The Porsche Quiz Book
Author:Chris Cowlin
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2011-07-28


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