The Politics of the Empire

The Politics of the Empire

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This is my 15th philosophy and poetry book. It delves into the political truths of the modern era that covers different ideologies and enters the realms of the spiritual and magical that opens up new insights into the strategies of the grandmasters of politics. This book will explain the history of politics of the elites and their plans of their New World Order. With other topics included in this book from religion, existentialism, business and science, there is a fountain of knowledge for people who want to understand a universal and coherent philosophy of politics.Characteristics of the New World Order 28 Going back to the 2008, Economic crash, There are a few suspicious, ... First Boston was created a few years after the 1929 stock market crash and this shows a similar pattern to Blackrock after the 1987 Black Monday economic crisis. ... and do their bidding to control the international economy through the secret monopoly of the elites and their New World Order.

Title:The Politics of the Empire
Author:Ronnie Lee
Publisher:Outskirts Press -


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