The Phoenix Rebellion Book Two: Outcasts

The Phoenix Rebellion Book Two: Outcasts

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Victor turned his back on everything he knew --- Everything he thought he was -- to help Michael Tanner be free. Something dark haunts Victor, threatening to steal his sanity --- even his life. He doesn't understand it, has no name for it; he only knows the malicious darkness in his mind wants him dead for his treachery in helping the humans. Only in Beverly Surimoto's tender touch does he find some fraction of peace. But how much can he take from her before it's too much? How much before she realizes the demon he is and turns him away?He was already squinting to see past the torn screen that blocked his view from the bright sunlight outside. She smiled, knowing ... Pulling the door open, she led him onto the long wooden porch that ran the front of the building. The air outside ... The echo of hammering carried across the yard as everyone who was able worked to repair the structures and bring them to livable conditions. aquot;Where are we?

Title:The Phoenix Rebellion Book Two: Outcasts
Author:Gail R. Delaney
Publisher:Desert Breeze Publishing In - 2010-02-01


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