The Philosophy of Science

The Philosophy of Science

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Using formal logic, Reconstructing the Past seeks to clarify and resolve themethodological issues that arise when biologists try to answer such questions as whether humanbeings are more closely related to chimps than they are to gorillas. It explores the case forconsidering the philosophical idea of simplicity/parsimony as a useful principle for evaluatingtaxonomic theories of evolutionary relationships. Bringing together philosophy, biology, andstatistics, Sober builds a general framework for understanding the circumstances in which parsimonymakes sense as a tool of phylogenetic inference.Elliott Sober is Professor of Philosophy at theUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison, and the author of The Nature of Selection.I believe that the account of explanation offered in the present paper could be extended to cover explanatory answers to some other ... significance of explanations directed at why-questions and in part because the problem of characterizing explanatory answers to ... power of such theories as modern evolutionary theory, transmission genetics, plate tectonics, and sociobiology in the terms I develop here.

Title:The Philosophy of Science
Author:Richard Boyd, Philip Gasper, J. D. Trout
Publisher:MIT Press - 1991


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