The Perfect Summer

The Perfect Summer

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The talented trio that brought you The Perfect Present is back...with summer stories that will brighten your day, warm your heart, and prove that life is one of the greatest teachers there is. In Too Big for Teacups, Gabrielle Simone introduces us to the Fernandez family, who is on their way to Disney for a vacation. Marlena, the oldest, would rather stay home and practice with her dance team. But her parents make her go, and Marlena trudges through a miserable week of what was supposed to be a family bonding experience. In the midst of her complaining, her best friend, Jennifer, helps her learn a valuable life lesson and a new outlook on family time. In Jackie Leea€™s A Lesson for Summer, 14-year-old twins, Vanessa and Teresa, had planned their ideal summer vacation. But when their father announces that hea€™s taking over a new church in a new city, the girls find their summer ruined! Instead of spending their days shopping, talking about boys, and going to the movies, they were going to be moving and volunteering to mentor a bunch of snotty-nosed seven-year-olds. The twins do everything in their power to sabotage their parentsa€™ plans for them. However, in the end, they learn life lessons that truly make this the perfect summer for both of them. Morgan Billingsley is back with twins, Max and Mickey in A Country Summer. And this time, the suburban duo is unplugging from their iPads, Wi-Fi, and Netflix, to spend the summer with their extended family in a small Arkansas town. This was not at all Mickeya€™s idea of fun. In fact, she hates the boring country and her a€œclasslessa€ relatives. While Max fits right in with his cousins, Mickey soon feels left out and learns a valuable lesson about life - it doesna€™t matter what you have...what matters is who you have. These three young writers will inspire and entertain...and leave you with a lesson or two yourself.a€œArggh!a€ I screamed, frantically slapping my neck. a€œWhata#39;s wrong?a€ my ... a€œChile, let me get the Off, a€ Aunt Nola said. a€œThese mosquitos ... I reached in the back seat and grabbed my iPad. I was just ... a€œWhata#39;s your WiFi password? I want to get onanbsp;...

Title:The Perfect Summer
Author:Morgan Billingsley, Jackie Lee, Gabrielle Simone
Publisher:Brown Girls Publishing - 2015


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