The Pacific War: From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa

The Pacific War: From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa

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On December 7, 1941, Japanese fighter planes appeared from the clouds above Pearl Harbor and fundamentally changed the course of history; with this one surprise attack, the previously isolationist America was irrevocably thrown into the fray and World War II had begun in earnest. This definitive history reveals each of the major battles that America would fight in the ensuing struggle against Imperial Japan, from the naval clashes at Midway and Coral Sea to the desperate, bloody fighting on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Each chapter reveals both the horrors of the battle and the Allies' grim yet heroic determination to wrest victory from what often seemed to be certain defeat, offering a valuable guide to the long road to victory in the Pacific. It is the definitive guide to a unique conflict in history, documenting the rise of naval aviation, spectacular amphibious operations, co-ordinated suicide tactics, and the birth of the atomic age.Shoup then gave the 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, under Major Wood Kyle, instructions to land on Red 2 and to attempt to ... At around 1130hrs Shoup ordered Major Ruuda#39;s 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, to land on Red 3 in support of a€œ Jima€ Crowe.

Title:The Pacific War: From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa
Author:Dale Dye
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2015-07-20


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