The Oxford Handbook of Opera

The Oxford Handbook of Opera

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What IS opera? Contributors to The Oxford Handbook of Opera respond to this deceptively simple question with a rich and compelling exploration of opera's adaption to changing artistic and political currents. Fifty of the world's most respected scholars cast opera as a fluid entity that continuously reinvents itself in a reflection of its patrons, audience, and creators. The synergy of power, performance, and identity recurs thematically throughout the volume's major topics: Words, Music, and Meaningq; qPerformance and Productionq; qOpera and Societyq; and qTransmission and Reception.q Individual essays engage with repertoire from Monteverdi, Mozart, and Meyerbeer to Strauss, Henze, and Adams in studies of composition, national identity, transmission, reception, sources, media, iconography, humanism, the art of collecting, theory, analysis, commerce, singers, directors, criticism, editions, politics, staging, race, and gender. The title of the penultimate section, qOpera on the Edge, q suggests the uncertainty of opera's future: is opera headed towards catastrophe or have social and musical developments of the last hundred years stimulated something new and exciting-and, well, operatic? In an epilogue to the volume, a contemporary opera composer speaks candidly about opera composition today. The Oxford Handbook of Opera is an essential companion to scholars, educators, advanced students, performers, and knowledgeable listeners: those who simply love opera.q... 1054 Pravda, 833 prayer, 740a€“741 preghiera, 365 premieres, 503, 870 Prest, Julia, 519a€“520 prestige gap, 872a€“873 Pretty Woman, 23, ... 674a€“675, 923a€“924, 1073 production materials, 531a€“552 production books, 451 production manuals, 870a€“871 promptbooks, 536, ... process, 1099 compositions, 249, 970, 997a€“1002, 1015 exoticism, 796 Giacomo Puccini e la#39;opera internazionale (Torrefranca), 776 anbsp;...

Title:The Oxford Handbook of Opera
Author:Helen M. Greenwald
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2014


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