The Oxford Handbook of Business History

The Oxford Handbook of Business History

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This Handbook provides a state-of-the-art survey of research in business history. Business historians study the historical evolution of business systems, entrepreneurs and firms, as well as their interaction with their political, economic, and social environment. They address issues of central concern to researchers in management studies and business administration, as well as economics, sociology and political science, and to historians. They employ a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, but all share a belief in the importance of understanding change over time. The Oxford Handbook of Business History has brought together leading scholars to provide a comprehensive, critical, and interdisciplinary examination of business history, organized into four parts: Approaches and Debates; Forms of Business Organization; Functions of Enterprise; and Enterprise and Society. The Handbook shows that business history is a wide-ranging and dynamic area of study, generating compelling empirical data, which has sometimes confirmed and sometimes contested widely-held views in management and the social sciences. The Oxford Handbook of Business History is a key reference work for scholars and advanced students of Business History, and a fascinating resource for social scientists in general.penetration of personal care products into 613 political risk 156 post-colonial 5, 14 servicing colonies 545 transporting of humans to the ... solidarity 17 strong periphery 336 ahistorical thinking 69 Ahmedabad 159 Aichi Horo 258 Aichi Industries 258 AICS (accounting, information ... Alfa Romeo 26 Allen, Michael Thad 132 n.

Title:The Oxford Handbook of Business History
Author:Geoffrey Jones, Jonathan Zeitlin
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2008-01-24


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