The Outcasters

The Outcasters

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a€œSince 1995, I set out as an artist to create characters who were hideous, strange and did not fit within the normal boundaries of a modern society. The Circus Freaks, my 1st creations, are such examples of de-humanizing humans, placing them in a world where they are not accepted by the majority and must push their way uphill to gain power. After 15 years of creating many people, places and things based on the real world, publishing books, including this one, I came to an epiphany. Who you are in relation to someone else depends not on skin color, age, religion, sexual preference, language, biology, country or planet. These short stories contain individual lives of those you are familiar with in one social category or another as opposed to those of your neighbor, family member, significant partner, your enemies, and those unlikely youa€™ve never met. In the end, a world, a galaxy of prosperity comes with the efforts of all who are related because they are unrelated and thata€™s exactly what this book is about.a€ --Maestro DrakeAt 9:18 am, Yassir arrives with little Roth, Damona#39;s offspring, in tow, in a 70a#39;s custom fitted Ford Transit Crewbus, complete, ... digital modulator with wires and connectors for downloading digital information through a complex set of terminals .

Title:The Outcasters
Author:Maestro Drake
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-11-28


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