The Origins of Agriculture in Europe

The Origins of Agriculture in Europe

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The Origins of Agriculture in Europe takes a look at current ideas in the light of a considerable mass of literature and archaeological evidence; examining the transition to agriculture through the comparison of social and economic developments across Europe. In this volume, I.J.Thorpe manages to evaluate various alternative explanations in detailed examples, whilst also succeeding in addressing the broader theoretical questions which form the nucleus of contemporary debates. This clearly written and accessible text is an extremely valuable resource for students of European prehistory.Andersen has recently summarised the evidence from Denmark as a whole (S.T. Andersen 1993): at KlekkendehAcj, BjAcrnsholm, Bygholm ... There is plentiful evidence from pollen diagrams of the cultivation of cereals, but the scale of production cannot easily be estimated, ... A similar pattern appears to apply in Scania, with emmer wheat being more common than einkorn wheat or barley, although theanbsp;...

Title:The Origins of Agriculture in Europe
Author:I. J. Thorpe
Publisher:Routledge - 2003-09-02


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