The Old Timers

The Old Timers

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Carl Mosley awakens from a very realistic and bothersome dream, which he shares immediately with his older brother, Roy. Due to the detailed, emotional nature of the dream, though, Carl begins to wonder if somehow his memory has been altered. Is it possible the dream he had was his real life and he now lives a waking lie? Soon, the brothers cross the path of a time traveler. He is hell bent on manipulating the past to further his self-righteous agenda, but to do so he requires the help of Carl and Roy. The brothers agree to travel into the recent past, where they meet strange and zany characters with much to offer in the realm of self-reflection. For the Mosley brothers, their lives become unrecognizable overnight, due to alterations in the past. Their fellow time traveler just might be a madman. Still, the fault is not all his. Messing with the past in order to change the future has the potential for good, but for Carl and Roy, they must learn the hard way: the past is better left alone.I started the car and I steered the Chevy Cobalt over the Railroad tracks, turned left and we headed up the pavement to ... you had latched onto the doora#39;s armrest with your right hand and how you grabbed the corner of the dash with your left.

Title:The Old Timers
Author:Craig L. Barr
Publisher:iUniverse - 2015-07-27


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