The Official Extreme Golf Manual

The Official Extreme Golf Manual

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Golfers often admit that the moment they grip a club in their hands, they lose all sense of rationality. For one thing, some golfers simply don't know when to stop playing--and you might see some of them trying to sink a putt on a busy city sidewalk. These golfers haven't gone totally insane; they've merely joined thousands like themselves who play the latest, coolest, variation on a famous old game. They're playing extreme golf. At last, aficionados of extreme golf have their very own how-to book: The Official Extreme Golf Manual. Here are ideas for playing a quick lunch-break round on the street outside the office . . . or on a ski slope during summer when it's too warm to ski . . . or on an ice pond when the regular golf course has closed for winter! Author Andrew Gellatly--with tongue only slightly in cheek--describes a variation called speed golf, gives advice on proper attire while playing extreme golf, and even offers information on participating in extreme golf competitions. Finally, he warns his readers about certain hazards often encountered by players of this unusual game, and devotes a full chapter titled First Aid for Extreme Golfers. Lovers of golf will love this book--even if they finally decide to stick with more orthodox versions of the game. Illustrations on most pages.For overall navigation the Mongolian golfer found his way from hole to hole using a G.P.S. receiver and a compass. l use the tee only when l ... a tent in a Russian jeep that was fitted with a fetching customized upholstery of hand-woven rugs.

Title:The Official Extreme Golf Manual
Author:Andrew Gellatly, David Robinson
Publisher:Barrons Educational Series Incorporated - 2005


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