The Number 0f Infinity

The Number 0f Infinity

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Washington DC, 2012. Once again, winter descends mid-September. Crops have failed. Store shelves are barren. Hyperinflation ravages the economy. Riots grip the cities. A totalitarian government teeters on the verge of collapse... Internationally, China threatens war with Russia over a disputed region of Siberia... A young weather researcher, Svetlana Kerenskia, uncovers a tattered journal in the Smithsonian. It tells of a long forgotten expedition to a cave in the Grand Canyon. A cave filled with ancient Egyptian relics. And a prophesy: that the time of troubles will soon return... Astronauts on a secret space mission to a wayward asteroid discover that a derelict underground alien base is causing the Earth's freakish weather. The aliens have been killed by a bizarre plague. And the asteroid is headed for Earth... Svetlana teams up with a former director of the Smithsonian, Eva Jordan, and her assistant, Brad Henderson, to unravel the mystery before it is too late. Because the plague has reached Earth ahead of schedule. For this is a military weapon, one that has been loosed upon the civilian populace. As the Earth is blanketed with a biblical three days of darkness, they uncover a link between the strange geometry of the Washington DC street layout, the reconstruction of the Smithsonian after a fire a century before, and the original expedition to the Grand Canyon cave. Chased by a federal posse across the dreary, snow-swept landscape of Washington, they try to decode a riddle that has been hidden since the age of the pyramids. The ancient Egyptians knew of this plague as it had visited the Earth in a long, looping cycle over the millennia. And the pharaohs had left a gift to humanity hidden encrypted in a gold disk tucked within the bindings of the journal. The salvation of mankind depends on answering the riddle. What is, 'The Number 0f Infinity?' Author J Wyndham runs the website squeal vibrated up from the sub floor; Brad could feel it through the soles of his shoes. The puddle ... Brad caught hold of her chin as the little green pool breached a chromed floor mat tie-down and washed towards the front of the bus.

Title:The Number 0f Infinity
Author:J Wyndham - 2013-02-01


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