The Ninth Region

The Ninth Region

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To Reader: Gloria and Nathan are twin Kermode bears on a quest to rescue their big brother Nettle from the heartless Ice Lady. Leaving home in the dead of winter when the twins should be sleeping with their parents, they attempt to rescues their brother and the others that have been taken. Soon they learn that the world outside their hamlet is not a safe place and more than a match for them. During this quest, Nathan and Gloria meet a strange and quirky creature that befriends them, joining them on their quest. There are no other bears left to help them, but the twins learn that there are others that they can trust. While risking capture or worse, the twin Kermode bears learn that some legends can be real. To Parents and Teachers: The Ninth Region is an action packed fantasy series that takes the reader on a fun-filled adventure. The three main characters in War with the Ice Lady are twin Kermode Bears, a special kind of black bear, and Vincent, an oversized frog. Special challenges await them during their travels. The main characters learn to overcome their fears, to help others, and to recognize who real friends are. An elementary reading specialist wrote: a€œDonna Scozzari truly captivates readers with this adventurous and engaging story. Readers join the characters on their journey toward understanding right from wrong, along with other Christian principles, which are creatively woven into the story. Wonderfully written. K. Mastroleo; Reading Specialist, MEd Although the average reader is 8 and above, War with Ice Lady has been read to second graders. a€œThis book takes you on a journey in a fantasy world. Its biblical background teaches students right from wrong and how we all make mistakes but are forgiven. My students really enjoyed it!a€ -S. Veazey; 2nd grade teacher The Ninth Region series (War with the Ice Lady , The Knighting of Nettle, Let Us Hold Fast, and To Live in Darkness or in Light) continues to follow the adventures of the Sco family and are fun, suspenseful, and exciting. Bio page of the author can be found inside the book on page 63.Bio page of the author can be found inside the book on page 63.

Title:The Ninth Region
Author:D. Scozzari
Publisher:Inspiring Voices - 2013-09-19


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