The Next Right Thing

The Next Right Thing

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The next right thing is the only choice Cammie Copello gets resultsa€”even if it means stretching the rules. That's what makes her a great private investigator. It's also what caused the little breach between her and attorney Marc Hamilton. It's too bad, because they made a great team. And, honestly, her career hasn't been the same since. So imagine her surprise when Marc shows up begging for her help with a personal case. When he turns on the charma€bwell, she can't refuse. But she can keep her attraction to Marc a secreta€”regardless of how tempting he is. Her intentions are put to the test, however, when he proves that the attraction is not one-sided!PROLOGUE CAMMIE EASED HER 2006 silver Monte Carloa€”named Phil after the fictional private eye Philip Marlowea€”next to the dirtcrusted red pickup shea#39;d been following for the past ... She double-checked the bulky parts with a quick feel, then slipped out the drivera#39;s side. ... A late-model Dodge Charger droned by.

Title:The Next Right Thing
Author:Colleen Collins
Publisher:Harlequin - 2013-03-05


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