The Need for Revision

The Need for Revision

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Can we have more teacher/intellectuals in our classrooms? This book demonstrates that we can. But many things have to change before intellectual standards appear again in public schools. David Owen attempts to show, but not in outline form, how we can revise our schools. Can we escape the rut in which public education finds itself, dominated by the inane (tests), the stifling (reduction of school to job training), and the insane (transformation of a life-affirming odyssey of the mind to clichAcs, information gathering, and slogans)? We can reclaim the beauty of an education if we join David and re-vise our classrooms. Education is uncertain, risky, wonderously adventurous{u2014}yet schooling has become stale. No{u2014}tediously dreadful. There is a need to revise. Reject standardized tests! Repeal pay for performance! Eject No Child Left Behind before no child has a thoughtful mind left. It is time to revise, and David{u2019}s book explains why. Are we still interested in the mind, soul, and substance of the individual? Does it matter who we are and become, or just what we do? If these questions still matter, dwell carefully with David{u2019}s ideas and transform yourself, your students, school, community, state, nation, and world. It is time to revise them all. John A. Weaver, Georgia Southern University.Curriculum, Literature, and the 21st Century David P. Owen, Jr. Clifford, P., aamp; Friesen, S. (2003). Hard fun: ... In T. R. Arp aamp; G. Johnson (Eds.), Perrinea#39;s literature: Structure, sound, and sense (8th ed., pp. 831-832). Boston: Heinle aamp; Heinle.

Title:The Need for Revision
Author:David P. Owen, Jr.
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-01-01


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